🤓 Field types and aggregation

If any of your conversion rate numbers look unformatted (for example "240" instead of "24%", try setting the metric as an "average" or "median" on the default aggregation.

Also, don't forget to set the field as a "percent" instead of a "number"

❞ Naming conventions

  1. Always customize the name your data sources and templates otherwise you'll get lost super fast as the Google Play connector itself has 10 different reports.

  2. For our Google Play connectors for example, we use "G - REPORTNAME". This naming convention makes it super easy to spot what's what - eg. "G - 💰 Subscriptions"

  3. You can also use emojis to give a twist to the name of your reports and data sources but also to make it easier for you to distinguish them

➗Calculated metrics

You can subtract "Cancelled Subscriptions" from "New Subscriptions" to see what's your daily overbalance of subscriptions.

Alternatively, you can divide one by the other to get a proxy of your churn rate.

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