As announced, we're adding 13 new App Store metrics to our connector.

Most importantly, those metrics are coming from ASC Analytics report, which contains valuable information on both your ASO metrics but also health stats, such as Crashes and Active Devices:

That's all thanks to our brand new Chrome Extension: it enables you to fetch your data with a click of a button - and then visualize it on Data Studio.

Why this matters?

Until this moment, it was impossible to fetch those KPIs programmatically. We're super happy that we're the first company to offer these in a large scale to the app industry.

👇 Here's how to use it

1. Install our Chrome Extension and login using your email and password

2. Open your App Store Connect on the Apps page and Fetch your Data

3. Go to Data Studio, add a new data source and select the "Analytics" report

👉 See how to activate it on this page.

ℹ Questions we've got from early testers

  • "What's the date range of the data you're importing?"

    • Exactly 2 years. Be aware that for now everytime you fetch data we delete everything and download it again. So, in time, you'll actually have a moving window on those two years of data.
      Yes, we intend to extend that. We ran a bunch of benchmarks and saw that this was the sweet spot between offering lots of historical data but also being able to download the data within a reasonable amount of time.

  • "How do I download fresher data?"

    • Just open the extension and fetch it again.

  • [Send us yours on the chat!]

And yes, there will be a template soon :)

But for now, have fun!

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