In this version:

  • Two new reports were added: Analytics per Source and Analytics per Page Type

  • We updated the name of our former Analytics report

    • Analytics (Chrome Extension) --> Analytics (Chrome Extension) - Overview

How to activate those reports

  1. Open our Chrome Extension

  2. Fetch your data

  3. Add a new Data Source on Data Studio and pick the report you'd like to use

⭐️ If you were already using the Analytics report...

You'll have to “refresh fields" in order to update your current report.

Don't worry, nothing will change, this is necessary just because there were updates in the data structure. Just go to Resource, Manage Added Data Sources, pick your report and click on "Refresh Fields" as seen below:

Btw, the dimension field will be empty on the Overview report. That's to be expected as the Overview doesn't contain any extra dimensions.

📈 What can these new reports do for you?

Analytics per Source

This report enables you to split your Impressions, Product Page Views, Installs and 10 other metrics by Source. A "source" can be:

  • App Store Browse

  • App Referred

  • App Store Search

  • Web Referrer

  • Event Notification

  • Institutional Purchase

With this dimension, you can now understand the source of your traffic better, which is super helpful to analyze the acquisition performance of your app.

Analytics per Page Type

You, you heard it right. Page Type enables you to see the performance of specific Product Pages and Store Sheet which is lit 🔥

Page Type is currently breakdown into:

  • Product Page (as many as you have)

  • Store Sheet

  • No Page

That's it for this version. Next up we'll be adding Country as well so you can understand your app's performance in each market you're in 🙌

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