Before getting started, make sure that you:

✅ Have an active subscription (get yours here)

Configured your App Store connector already (see instructions)

✅ Have access to App Store Connect account and can see the Analytics report

How to Activate

In a nutshell, we just have to do three things:

  1. Install our Google Chrome Extension

  2. Fetch your data

  3. Add a new data source on Data Studio and select the Analytics report

And that's it. But let's take it step by step:

Step #1 - Install our Chrome Extension (click here)

Go to the Chrome Web Store and install our plugin. Make sure to pin it so it's easily accessible at any time.

how to install Easy App Report's Chrome Extension

Step #2 - Login on App Store Connect and go to your App page

Make sure you can see the "Analytics" report on the top. If you don't, you'll not be able to use the extension. In this case, you should ask someone on your team to give you the "Marketing" access level.

Step #3 - Login on the extension using your email and password

Step #4 - Press the button on the extension to fetch your data

⚠️ do not close the extension while the data is downloaded. It'll take ±50 seconds if you have just one app and ±90 seconds if you have three. The more apps you have, the longer it'll take to download.

Step #4 - Wait until you see this message

Your data is now downloaded 🥳
We can now go to Google Data Studio and see it in action.

Step #5 - Add a new data source and select the new "Analytics" report

You can select between "Overview", "PageType" and "Source". I recommend you to start with the overview and then drill down as you further explore.

Step #5 - Name your data source and explore your fields

It's a good idea to give your new data source a name so you can distinguish it from your Sales and Trends report.

Now it's your turn to build new charts and take your dashboard to the next level!

If you've got this far...
👉 Check this article where we explain the "measure" and "dimension" fields

5 things I believe you'd like to know about this new report:

  1. Currently, the extension can download exactly 2 years' worth of data.

  2. You absolutely can still use your previous report. You do not need to choose between Sales and Trends or Analytics.

  3. You can have data from multiple data sources and connectors on the same dashboard. Just pick a different data source on each chart you have.

  4. When you come back to fetch data in the future, we delete everything that was stored previously and download it all again - within the same 2-year range.

  5. Help us polish this feature by providing your feedback. The beta is made for finding hidden bugs and finding opportunities to polish this new feature. Please do share any issues or suggestions you might have so we can make it better.

We hope you have a great time with your new report. We're extremely happy for being able to bring these new metrics to you.

Please consider letting us know if this article was helpful so we can continue improving our documentation👇

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