In this version, we’re launching yet another App Store report called Subscription Events.

The data from this report comes straight from Apple’s API, so it can flow automatically to your dashboards once you build one.

Get answers to questions such as:

“What’s my app’s Lifetime Value?”

“Why are my customers canceling?”

“What’s my Activation to Renewal rate?

“How many people reactivated their subscriptions recently?”

“How many cancellations did I get last week/month/quarter?”

“During how many consecutive paid periods are my customers staying?”

“What percentage of canceled subscriptions is due to multiple failed payment attempts?”

And many others. You can also split your metrics by date, app, country, device, and subscription, enabling you to go deeper into your subscription growth metrics.

Types of Subscription Events included:

- Refunds

- Renewals

- Activations

- Cancellations

- Reactivations

- Entered Billing Retry

- Enter Billing Grace Period

- Renewals from Grace Period

- Conversion to Standard Pricing

Also find:

- Cancelation Reasons

- Marketing Opt-in

- Consecutive Paid Periods

- Previous Subscription

- Days Canceled

- Preserved Pricing

Which you can split by:

- Country

- Device

- Subscription Name, Group ID, and Apple ID

- App Name or App Apple ID

- Event Date

Read the official documentation for a more detailed description of all fields available.

We’re happy to bring this report to you as this is vital information that Apple doesn’t provide on the App Store Connect interface.

In the next couple, we’ll include these in our Subscriptions Template, so keep an eye on your email ;)

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