First of all, why is it not instant?

Rather than creating a typical API where you can access your data externally at any time, Google chose a different approach: you should use a Google Services Account to access your data, one that needs manual approval to be enabled.

That's why it usually takes three business days.

It's a process we don't control, unfortunately, but we do our best to provide you with the instructions and support needed to make it happen.

👇 Most common Google Play setup problems

  1. Access wasn't provided to our services account

  2. API access on your Google Play account is disabled

  3. Access was provided on the App-Level but not on the Account-level

  4. Incorrect Bucket ID

  5. Google didn't approve your data access yet

💡The Solutions

❌ Access wasn't provided to our services account

Did you - or someone from your team - granted access to our Google Services Account (
with permissions to:

  1. View app information and download bulk reports (read-only);

  2. View financial data, orders, and cancellation survey responses;

  3. Manage store presence.

If you haven't done it yet, please read this article with screenshots and more detailed instructions on how to do it.

🔌 API access on your account is disabled

  1. Login to your Google Play account and open your API Access page.

  2. Check if your account's API is enabled

  3. If it isn't, please enable it.

🔑 Access was provided on the App-level but not on the Account-level

When you grant access to our services account, you can do that both to your apps and account.

In order for the integration to work, we need both: App and Account access.

That's because your app's data are contained within the same Google Cloud buckets so it's not possible to grant access to one app but not to another.

When you "Invite User" you can check both accesses:

Please make sure that all permissions were given, otherwise, it won't work.

⚠️ Incorrect Bucket ID

Your Bucket ID should look like this:


If it's anything different from that, you might want to check our Setup Guide to fix this one ;)

🛑 Google didn't approve your access yet

A) If access was given less than 3 business days ago...
the only thing we can do is wait, I'm afraid. As Google controls this process we rely on them at this stage.

Just head back to your account and click on "Save" from time to time to check your integration status.

B) If access was given more than 3 business days ago...
3% of our customers fall into this case. If you believe everything was done correctly on your setup, then remove our services account access and add it again.

We know, it sounds silly, but as Google manually checks each connection, from time to time it does happen.

Last case scenario, if your company pays for Google Cloud, you can file a support case using this link.

Have you tried everything and it still doesn't work?

Drop us a message on the chat with the following information:

  • A confirmation that access to our service account was granted - and when.

  • Your account's Bucket ID.

  • A confirmation that your account has its API Access enabled.

And we'll help you double-check your setup.

Please consider letting us know if this article was helpful so we can continue improving our documentation👇

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