With Easy App Reports, you can finally take control over your data and build all those cool visualizations you always dreamed about. All in real time. No CSVs. Just peace of mind and lots of time to focus on what you're good at.

Connecting your account for the first time is an exciting moment so we want to share what happens under the hood when you do data.

#1: Apple will start sending your data, one CSV per day

As you can expect, you'll experience slow loading speeds because of that. But not all is lost: as soon as it's downloaded, we'll cache it for you, which will help a lot.

#2 Download one month of data at a time

On your first experience, just make sure you unlock your data bit by bit so it doesn't break.

If you attempt to download too much data at once and you insist on doing that for extended periods of time your account can even get temporarily blocked. The only solution for that is, again, to download your data slowly the first time.

#3 Apple limits it's API to 365 days

And that's one of the biggest advantages of using our services: after you activate your connector, we start storing it on an encrypted database. That's a huge long-term advantage as you'll now be able to actually play with that data even after Apple archives it. How cool is that?


"What happens if I already tried to download loads of data on my first experience with the tool"

No worries, we can still turn it around. Here's what you can do:

  1. Shorten your date range to one week. If it works, slowly expand it again.

  2. Reduce the amount of charts you have in your dashboard.

  3. If you can't download a single new line of data, we recommend you to wait a few hours, or even a whole day, and start over.

"Data Studio is running too slow for me, what can I do to speed it up?"

In some cases, when you have more data than usual under your account, your connector can get a bit slow.

The best solution Google provides is to use the Extract Data connector.

Putting it shortly, it download up to 100MB worth of data to you and it even automatically refreshes it everyday so you don't have to. We highly recommend using it to speed up loading times on your dashboards.

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