IMPORTANT - In order to setup your Google Play connector you'll need:

  • An active Easy App Reports subscription

  • Google Chrome (best browser for Data Studio)

  • Admin-level access to your Google Play Console Developer Account

Also, please be aware that Google takes 24-72 hours to release your data on Data Studio after you give access to our services account. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This setup is divided in two parts

  1. Google Play setup: finding your Bucket ID and granting access to our Google Services account

  2. Activating your connector on Data Studio

Part 1 - Finding your Bucket ID and granting access to our Google Services account

  1. First, sign in to your Google Developer Account (aka, Google Play Console)

  2. Select any option bellow the "Download Reports" section on the menu

    google play download reports

  3. Click on "Copy Cloud Storage API"


  4. Paste it on your notes, selecting the section between "gs://" and " /stats/. That's your Bucket ID (also known as Bucket Name).


  5. Now please invite our Google Services account
    under the "Users and Permissions" menu.

    It is critical that you give it the following permissions: (1) View app information; (2) View financial data; (3) Manage store presence, otherwise it won't work.


  6. Now you can go to your Connector Setup page and add your Bucket ID


⚠️ If you gave access to our Services Account less than 24 hours ago you'll get an error when you submit the form. That's ok, you just have to give it time now.

Part 2 - Activating your Data Studio connector

  1. With your Key in hands and credentials validated, go to your Google Play Connector on Data Studio and add it there:

  2. image

  3. From this point on, your connector is already active. Make sure to leave that checkbox marked if you want to use the free template we provide and pick which report you'd like to use and hit "Connect"

    data studio - select which report you want to use

    Each report contains different kinds of data but don't worry: you can add multiple reports to the same report later on.

  4. That's it, you're in 🏆


From this point on, your data will remain available as long as you don't remove the API keys under your account and own an active subscription.

This means no more dealing with CSVs and rescuing tons of time to build your app reports! I hope you have a great one with us.

And if you're struggling with your setup feel free to send us a message on the chat, we'll be happy to help!

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