Less is more, right? That's especially true when it comes to data visualization.

But when exactly that can be useful?

In the table below we have a perfect example of this. If you pull data from the Reviews report, for example, you'll notice that some rows have text while others are empty. That's because some users simply leave a star rating but not necessarily a comment.

That's not great because it creates visual clutter and makes it more difficult for the reader to understand what's the chart really about.

Our example: cleaning a table with Reviews

So the solution is to apply a filter - with a REGEX expression - to remove such rows:

How to create this filter?

Select your table and "Add a Filter" with the following configuration:

The formula: RegExp Match = (.|\s)*\S(.|\s)*

Applying this filter will remove all empty reviewText rows, cleaning your table and making it much more straightforward.

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