IMPORTANT - In order to setup your App Store connector you'll need:

  • An active Easy App Reports subscription

  • Google Chrome (best browser for Data Studio)

  • Admin-level access to App Store Connect

This setup is divided in two parts

  1. Getting API keys and credentials from App Store Connect

  2. Activating your App Store connector on Data Studio

Part 1 - Getting API keys and credentials from App Store Connect

First we need to generate your Key ID, Auth Key and Issuer ID:

  1. Go to "Users and Access"

  2. Click on Generate API Key

    If you don't see this page it's because the account you're using doesn't have admin-level permissions. If you can't have it for any reason, your best option is to ask a co-worker or the owner of your developer account.

  3. Set a name for your API key and give it the "Sales and Reports" access

  4. Well done! Now you just need to copy your Key ID and download your API Key

  5. The Issuer ID should be visible on the same page (see bellow)

  6. And the Vendor ID is available at your Payment and Financial Reports page

Great, now you have everything you need for part two 🤘

Part 2 - Activating your App Store connector on Data Studio

The Steps

  1. Add your Key ID, Issuer ID, Vendor ID and Auth Key on


  2. Great! Now you can go to Data Studio through this link. You'll have to open and authorise our connector


  3. Now you have to add your Key (find it here) on Data Studio


  4. Click "Connect" to get started. Make sure you leave that checkbox checked if you want to use the report template we offer.

    app store connector on data studio

  5. That's it, you're in!! 🏆


    Once you click on "Report" you can start building your own dashboard - or leverage ours if you left the checkbox checked.


From this point on, your data will remain available as long as you don't remove the API keys under your account and own an active subscription.

This means no more dealing with CSVs and rescuing tons of time to build your app reports! I hope you have a great one with us.

And if you're struggling with your setup feel free to send us a message on the chat, we'll be happy to help!

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